the combination of two worlds meet in these boards: my love for riding boards and my love for wood…

material: Ash wood from The Netherlands. Ash is used because of it’s characteristics: strong and flexible.

size: in this serie two sizes are made 90 and 107 cm. (custom sized boards can be ordered on commission)

finish: the very matt finish give the boards a natural feel, sand-grip on top.

method: first of all the best planks need to be picked out. then there is sawing, routing etc. etc…the concave in the deck is shaped by steaming (and then clamping) the wood. after about a week the boards are taken from the mold to be further dried. once dry the boards are varnished with a water based very matt varnish and topped with white sand for a good grip, after which they are varnished again, and yet again. finally, just before the finishing layer, all boards are individually numbered and signed