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Small wooden form sketches are made on the lathe. These are numbered and signed, postage stamps are applied as well as a personal message from the sender. After which the postcard sized artwork, aka post(c)art is thrown into the mailbox.

The post(c)art is treated and sent just like a normal postcard. The wood is not treated, finished or protected, usuallly it isn’t even sanded. It simply comes straight off the lathe, is written upon, picked up by the postman/woman, stamped (sometimes scarred) by the postal service and dropped off onto someone’s doormat by another post(wo)man. Hopefully they will at least evoke a smile and a surprise upon the reciever.

These are made in small batches of about 5 to 10 pieces and posted on Instagram, through which they are sold. The post(c)art series are numbered and signed. For me these are form studies within a well defined framework. In contrast to my other work which is often finely sanded and finished to a high level, these form studies are usually not sanded at all, they contain the toolmarks from the lathework and acumulate scars on their journey to the recipient.


material: dutch wood, elm, maple, oak, ash etc.

size: variable from ca. 8 x 10 cm to 12 x 15 cm (postcard size)

finish: none; toolmarks & postal handling (mailbox, doormat, dog?)

year: 2019 and onwards